Last Sled to Dawson

Mark Mayerson mayerson at
Thu Nov 10 16:07:54 CET 1994

Several weeks ago I attended a comics convention in Toronto where there
were tons of comics available for 25 cents apiece.  Most of these were
superhero comics, but I did manage to find one Disney comic: Uncle
Scrooge Adventures #5 with Don Rosa's Last Sled to Dawson.

I've been aware of Rosa for years because of his various information
columns in fanzines, but I've only started reading his comics since the
Life of Scrooge started being printed by Gladstone.

Last Sled to Dawson is a terrific story.  Beautifully plotted and paced.
Funny.  I think I enjoyed it more than the Life of Scrooge episodes that
have been printed thus far because it had more room to breathe at 28 pages.
Also, while it was clearly based on Barks, it didn't have to conform to
the timeline that Barks implied and Rosa has constructed.

I may be the last person on this list to read this story, but I wanted to
say how much I enjoyed it and thank Don for doing it.
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