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Fri Nov 11 07:41:32 CET 1994

     DAVID GERSTEIN:  I've been concentrating on putting Mickey into
interesting visual situations, with strong characterization leavened
by whimsy.

     The 44-page story I'm working on now is called FUTURE IMPERFECT
and is a Mickey Mystery that takes place in the not too distant

     The story before that, YOURS VIRTUALLY, was a 34-page Mickey
Adventure that takes place in the fantasy landscape constructed by a
kind of expert-systems-software called Inamorato.
     Inamorato was designed to help the folks at Heartland
Publishing plot romance novels.  Rather than keyboard input, or even
voice recognition, Inamorato is programed from a Mind/Hardware
     Mickey and Minnie are given a demonstration of the virtual
experience of interacting (through the M/HIs) with Inamorato and
have a more or less fine time with Inamorato taking a shine to
     When the experience ends, Minnie is not released. Inamorato has
gone rouge. Mickey has to go back under the M/HI and try to rescue
her, wandering the fantasy/anachronistic landscape and overcoming
the obstacles invented by Inamorato. Minnie for her part, attempts
to reason with the infantile software construct while trapped in a
room with no exit.

     The story before that was MICKEY'S MONKEY, a 30-page time
travel story which ends with a twist of paradox.  The monkey of the
title is Pierrot, an intelligent capuchin used by Professor Gizmo in
his time travel experiments.
     By my manipulating the schema of the paradox, Pierrot has met
and had an adventure with Mickey, long before Mickey meets the
monkey in the mouse's time frame.  Thus, Pierrot's agitation on
seeing Mickey "again" initially draws Mickey into the adventure that
the monkey _already has had_ with Mickey.
     Because things go awry (as they must, eh?), Mickey and Pierrot
are unpredictably hurled back from one era to another -- from
Depression Era marketplace to Native American village to even as far
back as a few million years ago at the dawn of Man.
     The story is circular in design, so Mickey must figure out how
to resolve things by setting in motion the events that caused things
to begin with!

     HAUNTED CARNIVAL was a 30-pager with Mickey and Minnie.

     MOTHER'S LOVE was a 50-page Mickey Mystery about a group of
female wrestlers as a front for a smuggling operation.

     A QUESTIONABLE SURVEY was a 30-pager that took Mickey and Goofy
to an imaginary country in Asia (much where Myanmar, formerly Burma,
would be if you actually track it on a map).  I like to use this
area of the world because it's where a totalitarian regime currently
keeps the duly elected President of Myanmar, a Noble Prize winner,
under house arrest.
     Because the regime is so brutal, no news escapes to the Western
Press which is forbidden access to the interior of this country.
Therefore, I like casting a tiny light in its direction.

     That's about it for this last year at Egmont.

     My first 50-page Mickey Mystery, THE STAMP ACT, approaches
publication.  It's two major influences are Rashomon and The
Purloined Letter.

     Hope this helps introduce myself to the folks here.  Thanks for

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