Ellsworth the raven

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Sat Nov 12 18:20:11 CET 1994

David (and all others):

MM is actually present in this first strip with Ellsworth. The panels in
that story are as follows:

1. Goofy walks down the street, no work, no money.
2. He looks at the window of a pet shop, where there is  a sale.
3. Goofy buys Ellswoth, who, sitting on the counter, points his black wing
and remarks: "Are you going to sell me to that hillbilly, eh?"
4. Goofy goes home with the bird. Ellsworth (when he sees Goofy's house):
"Of all the rich people in the world, I end up at your place."
5. They enter Goofy's living room. Ellsworth: "What a dump! When are we eating?"
6. At the kitchen table. Ellsworth (angrily waving his wings): "A dry
cracker, is that all?". Goofy: "Our bad luck will change tomorrow!"
7. Bedtime. Goofy in bed, the bird on a table at his side. Goofy: "Don't
worry old boy, our bad luck will...zzzzz...." Ellsworth: "And I got here
from South America  for THIS!"
8. The same evening. Goofy's phone rings downstairs. Ellsworth answers.
Voice in phone: "This is 'Try if you can', the radio quiz show, is this
Goofy on 21 Bum Street?" Ellsworth: "So what - what's the big deal?"
9. Closeup of phone and bird: Voice: This is our million dollar question.
What is the quintillionth root of x times z? You'll win a million if youre
answer is correct!" Ellsworth: "Easy! It's, let's see, four million divided
by z^4!"
10. Goofy lives in a luxurous house sitting on a terrace with a glass of
lemonade (probably) and a sack of money beside him. A very shocked MM
enters: "What's happened?!" Goofy: "Well, it's just luck I guess!"
Ellsworth, who is standing in beret and plaid coat on top of the brick wall
that surrounds the house, talking to some admiring girl birds, points back
with his "thumb": "LUCK - says he!"


So, he doesn't speak some sort of black Swedish, if there was such a thing,
but I just thought he had some kind of street smartness, that originally
might have been some black idiom. Now after closer reading I also see he's
from South America!


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