Two Questions

James Williams James_Williams at
Mon Nov 14 14:15:08 CET 1994

Two questions:

o  First, the most recent issue of Uncle Scrooge contained a letter in 
   which someone stated that Vic Lockman has been doing Disney comics 
   for over five decades.  Since I had not heard of Vic Lockman until 
   recently, I'd always assumed that he was another newcomer like Pat
   Block.  What Disney comics has Vic Lockman done in the past?

o  Second, I'd never read "The Golden Fleece" until Gladstone reprinted 
   it.  Mythology is one subject which I'm very week on.  I'd really 
   appreciate it if someone could tell me more about the myths involving
   Jason, the Larkies (shouldn't they be called Harpies?), and the golden 

James Williams



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