Life of Scrooge

Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at
Wed Nov 16 01:26:05 CET 1994

Life of $crooge
Augie: I was wondering about something, and now you show up as exactly
the person I need to answer my question.
     Don's Life of Scrooge story is certainly a _great_ story, I'm 
getting more and more impressed over the amount of work put into it,
the more I think about it. But my question. As I said, I'm impressed
over the amount of work put into it, and that's one of the main reasons
why I like the story. Except for the few things Don left out of it, 
because it wasn't "real", the story includes all (Barks) details of 
Scrooges life, but since you started reading these comics quite short 
time ago, I guess you don't know much about his earlier days.
      So, then, how do you look upon the story?
I was wondering if Don's story maybe was a bit "inside". That it only 
would be understood by people who have known and read these stories since 
they were very young. Since this apply to almost any Norwegian, I haven't 
found anyone who could possibly answer this question.    

I don't think there is any reason to be afraid of answering my question.
I don't think Don will bite any of us :-)

Some years ago I tried to figure out in what order Herge made his Tintin
stories (I had a list that I'd got in Denmark, but to check that wouldn't
have been as much fun). There aren't many of these albums, but it 
certainly was a lot of work to check these stories (maybe as much as 1500 
pages). All I did was to check were the characters appeared for the first 
time, and such details, but Don did a _lot_ more than that with over 6000 
pages! And then to put all this information into a looong story, which 
wasn't just supposed to be a listing of details, but also an entertaining 
story with great art.

Augie: don't let my opinions make an influence on you :)

Don: I just read some of the letters from the time when "Guardians of
the Lost Library" were published in Norway (about a year ago). You were
worried that the story would just be something like an educational listing
of details, and look like "Donald Duck and the Wheel". 
It certainly doesn't. It's some kind of listing of details, and it's 
educational, yes, but it's at the same time a great story! The exitement 
grows bigger for each step in the listing, which is not the case in "the 
Wheel" story. Also your art is much better than Strobl's in his story (well, 
the _story_ isn't his...).
    I _do_ like "Donald Duck and the Wheel" and "Donald Duck in Mathmagic
Land", though.

And Augie, in case you are interested in this subject (this doesn't have 
anything to do with Don's stories, or Disney comics at all...).
    Norway has one channel, NRK, which is owned by the state. No commercials.
The style isn't unlike the BBC. 
    In addition there are three commercial channels, TV2 which is partly 
owned by the state, TV3 which is a Norwegian/Swedish/Danish company, and
TVNorge (Norge = Norway).
A second channel owned by the state is planned.

In Sweden there are two channels owned by the state, SVT1 and SVT2, and
at least two commercial channels, TV3 (the same as in Norway) and TV4.

I don't know of any more Swedish channels, or any Danish. The ones 
mentioned above are the only ones I can recieve. There's also one channel
called TV1000, which only sends movies, like FilmNet. It works as the
Disney Channel (you have to pay extra).


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