Disney-comics digest #492.

H.W. Fluks fluks at pcssdc.pttnwb.nl
Wed Nov 16 13:46:38 CET 1994

Vic Lockman
He may be one of the oldest Disney comics creators, but I don't like
his work. The artwork always reminds me of the WORST stories in 
the worst episode of Whitman comics. I don't understand why Gladstone
has him make new stories.

Strange names (no Disney comics involved - flame me)
Bev, Tryg, Augie: my sister's first name is "Eitje", which translates to
"Little Egg", but actually is derived from a female form of Egbert.
We call her "Tea" though. That only sounds funny in English.

BTW: On my previous work, they called the computers after Norse gods
(the network was called Walhalla). We also had a machine called Sif.
Nobody laid the connection to Syph.

The Ducktales episodes (in Dutch) were shown on TV here as part of the
1-hour "Disney time" shows. In the comics, the DuckTales universe was
never mixed up with the "normal" universe: DuckTales stories always
appear in separate comics, never in the regular DD Weekly.

Story codes
> The lead story is a Dutch Donald Duck story (H8231, 10 pages) 
This is indeed the one I indexed as H 82031. I 'normalised' the story
codes: the Dutch give codes from H 9401 to H 9499 and then go
on with H 94100 etc. The Danes however, directly start with 5 digits.
The 4-digit code you saw (D 9180) is a rather old story, from the
time that Egmont just numbered their stories, without a year.
(More about this in the ftp file 'story-codes'.)

The code of a story may indicate how old it is, but I think that applies
to the _script_, not to the art. For instance, Don Rosa drew some stories
scripted by Jan Kruse. One of the codes is H 85218, while Rosa probably
did the art in 1988 or 1989.

BTW: The Dutch story H 8231 was drawn by Jan Gulbransson, who I think is
German. Gulbransson did some very good stories, but also some average ones.
Most of his stories involve Neighbor Jones.

> Overall, the issue is not outstanding, but not bad either.
But why do you sum up the _entire_ contents of the issue? Would anyone be
interested in the bad Egmont stories that are usually published? 8-)

(to be continued)

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