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Thu Nov 17 12:30:32 CET 1994

      Dear Folks,

      Harry asked why, given Vic Lockman's level of quality, he was 
chosen to do new stories by Gladstone.  Well, it's simple -- he came to 
Gladstone and ASKED to write new stories.  "But we have no regular 
artists," they said.  "Then I'll draw them," he said.  This is what John 
Clark explained at the San Diego Comic Con panel last summer.

      MANY Disney comic fans who've been increasingly vocal in the 
letter columns in the past few years -- folks like Kevin Kuffa, Fritz 
Baugh, Joe Torcivia, Cris Barat, etc. -- have applauded the new Lockman 
stories.  When I've talked to some of them, it appears to be just 
because they're glad to see someone from the old days still hanging in 
there.  For me, that's not a criteria in judging comics.  But I can't 
argue when it's a criteria for others.  When I've met with some of these 
same comic fans, I've enjoyed talking with them greatly and found that 
on most other issues, they see completely eye-to-eye with me (and many 
of our members, too).  You go figure.
      (Note:  I'd like to get some of these same fans in our E-Mail 
group, but last time I spoke with them, they didn't have E-Mail.)

      Back to Lockman:  I think that John Clark may not care much for 
his work either, but Lockman has seniority.  What I mean is, I think 
Gladstone wouldn't want to offend someone who has found acceptance by 
all other Disney comic publishers of the past.  Even Gladstone 
themselves have reprinted many of his 1950s stories.  And you can bet 
Disney would approve his art, because he uses those 1970s models for the 
characters which, for Disney, are the official ones.  (That's right -- 
I've seen the "official" model sheets for DD, US, and HDL.  They are 
dated 1971 and are drawn by Tony Strobl.)

      I don't think Lockman's writing is all bad, even if I don't like 
his art.  The Beagle Boys story in USA 28 committed what was for me a 
sin -- giving one Beagle a name, and a weird one at that.  But I thought 
that the general idea was a good one.  Then his most recent strip, in DM 
29, I thought was excellently written -- very well defined how HDL can 
be little scientists one moment, and very childlike a moment later.

      DON AULT:  If you're reading this, I'd like to tell you that I 
have a copy of DDOS 348 ("Crocodile Collector") with your name written 
across the front in childish handwriting.  Is there more than one Don 
Ault out there, or did your mom sell your old comics?  Do you want this 
one back?

      David Gerstein
      <9475609 at>
      "Oh, roar a roar for Nora -- Nora Alice, in the night!  For she 
has seen Aurora Borealis burning bright!"

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