Flipism and German redrawing

H.W. Fluks fluks at pcssdc.pttnwb.nl
Tue Nov 29 10:30:41 CET 1994

John-Trygve Staff (or whoever) about the 'Flipism' story (WDC 149):

> This is a quote from an old (substitute with exact age and think of
> me as increadibly clever managing to remember) story where Donald
> flips a coin every time he has to make a choice, right?

According to my newest version (not yet on ftp) of the Disney comics
Database this story was published in Sweden in KA 1954-02, KA 1972-07, and
'Best of DD' album #12 from 1980.
I think the Norwegian publications are almost at the same time. So if
you haven't read the album version, you're either old (1972) or VERY
old (1954). 8-)

Jo/rgen about Italian Disney stuff:
> I guess the redrawing they 
> mentioned was what was done with the German books.

?? Did the Germans redraw Italian stories for their 'pocket books'?
Please tell me (us) more about that!


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