Egmont discoveries

Tue Nov 29 17:24:28 CET 1994

      Dear Folks,

      After blathering on like a windbag yesterday, I hardly have a 
thing to say -- but I do have a BIT of news, now that I talked with 
Anina Bennett (Egmont U. S. editor) last night.
      The Mickey Mouse story "Hocus Pocus Hypnosis" was written by 
John Lustig (!) and indeed drawn by Noel Van Horn.  And the Mickey 
two-parter "Fossil Hunters" (with Prof. Dustibones) is written by Pat 
McGreal, who has since done a sequel to it which Egmont will cough up 
eventually, too.
      To increase his output, Ferioli has begun a studio like Vicar's 
about a year ago, by having several people ink his work.  The 
dinosaur story was one of the first of these, and the frequency of 
Ferioli-drawn stories will thus soon increase, I am led to believe.

      My fellow Egmont writers should know that in mid-January, Anina 
will no longer be working at Egmont.  It was her own decision to 
leave, she told me.  She was offered an important job at Dark Horse 
(much bigger than her old post there) and decided, in the end, to go 
for it.  So now what?  Byron is going to do one of two things:  (A) 
hire an assistant editor in Denmark so that he can do Anina's portion 
of the editing, or (B) hire someone in the States to do what Anina 
did.  Does anyone know if Bob Foster is interested in getting back 
into this business again?

      Anina may join us here on the Digest soon.  She's told me 
several times in the past that she was interested, and confirmed that 
again yesterday.  She's a Disney fan no matter where she works, 

      David Gerstein
      <9475609 at>
      "Lost in the Andes, eh?  That's ALWAYS grand!"

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