Disney-comics digest #507.

DAVID.A.GERSTEIN 9475609 at arran.sms.edinburgh.ac.uk
Wed Nov 30 12:37:05 CET 1994

      Hi, gang.

      MMGawain (I'm not sure of your real name):  Besides the two 
reprints of "The Great Steamboat Race" that Tryg mentioned, it was 
also reprinted in early 1993, in US 277.  Weird coloring mistake on 
one page, when Huey is tinted blue in a daytime scene.  I know it was 
an error, because his word balloon is blue, too.  But otherwise a 
fine reprint of the vintage tale.

      Re: German redrawing:  I've never seen an Italian story in a 
German pocket book that had had anything done to it except (of 
course) translation.  Those terrible intermezzo sequences which many 
of us love to hate (who was that artist again, Fabio?) are exactly as 
is, for better or worse.
      Until recently (when the monthly, here called "Mickyvision," 
was cancelled) Germany published more Disney comics than anyone else. 
TWO monthlies every month, one a reprint of an old one;  five 52-page 
weeklies, a Jumbo book, two 100-page DDs with I- and S-coded stories 
(one a reprint of an old one, reprinted in original publication order), 
one 100-page US with I- and D-coded stories, "Ein Fall fur Micky" 
(Mickey Mystery) every month, one CBL Album a month, one 64-page 
"DD-Sonderheft" every month, and one "Beste Geschichte von DD" album 
too.  That's roughly 1100 pages of Disney comics every month.  1020 
discounting the now-cancelled monthly.  1000 discounting ads in the 
various issues.  And not counting some "500-page Mammoths" 
containing five remaindered DD 100-pagers, which are published 
quarterly.  Any questions?  I don't think they've got TIME to redraw 

      Anyone have WDC&S 595 in the States, yet?  How is it?

      David Gerstein
      <9475609 at arran.sms.ed.ac.uk>
      "Thanks!  But are you sure you're a McDuck?"

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