Don and Norbert

Jakob Soederbaum jakob.soederbaum at
Thu Apr 6 18:23:48 CEST 2000

Don and Norbert:

The Disney version does follow Don's script, regarding the matter of "Treasure
Under Glass".

But I'm not sure I understand what really got mixed up in "Incident at McDuck
Tower". In the Disney version Donald falls down the building, ends up hanging
two floors down. This, of course, is also in Don's script. ;-)  When he gets up,
someone slams a window over his hands. In the next scene, we see Donald as he
(probably) yells of pain outside the window, and the boss saying to his
secretary "Don't ever speak to me like that again, Gretta!". This seems to imply
that he's hearing bad language, probably from Donald (and maybe the boss' window
is also slightly open). Gretta replies "I didn't! I only closed the window!",
she doesn't understand this talking about "bad language" since her window now is
closed, and she knows she hasn't said anything. I thought this was quite fun
when I read it, and didn't reflect about something being wrong with it. To me it
makes sense. But what did the original say, then? (Noone says he/she is *going*
to shut the window, since this is already done) In the Swedish version, the boss
says (translated) "Don't yell at me, Kerstin!" onto which she replies "I just
shut the window!". So there's no big difference between the Egmont and the
Disney version, only what one could expect since Egmont (for some reason) always
has to use less words than the American version.

All the best,
/Jakob Soederbaum

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