Incident at McDuck Tower

Oyvind J. Karstad oyvind at
Sat Apr 8 22:53:50 CEST 2000

>The other annoying change in that script, as I recall, was the closing gag.
>But the Disney version,
>and I now assume the Egmont version, had $crooge saying "What goes up must
>come down".          Huh?  Yeah, but so what? Huh?

When you mention it, this gag did seem weird to me when I read the story.
This is what it says in the Norwegian version too.

A funny detail in the Norwegian version is the name of the fish shop at the end of the story.
It's called "Soeland's fish shop", and Soeland was (is?) the name of the Norwegian editor in chief.

This is BTW one of my absolute favourite stories by Don.


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