Brazilian FE's spin-off stories on the Web

Arthur Faria Jr. arthurfaria at
Thu Apr 20 05:50:51 CEST 2000


    -- On FE's spin-off stories: 

    So far, these are the Brazilian Fethry's spin-off
stories I've already uploaded (and deleted after one
week), at

(Original Portuguese titles and FE's names translated
 to English):

    B 870143 Fethry Kid The Longest Duel of the West

    B 74141  US "Comics and Seers" (only two panels)
    B 74143  FE "Thorny Mission" (2nd Pena Kid's)
    B 74144  DD "Pena Kid and Xaxam" (1st Pena Kid's)

    B 830008 FE "Fethry the Submariner"
             (1st underwater FE's)
    B 880083 Fethry Kid "A Duck of Fame"

    2000-04-19 (currently on line):
    B 830170 Fethry Kid "A Horsy Friendship" 
    B 840034 Jungle Fethry "Domestic Problems"

They will stay there for *two* weeks now, since some members
aren't having the time to download them.

    --On classical stories in English:

    I really love to read classical Disney stories
(Barks, Gottfredson, Murry, Strobl, etc) in English.
I've already downloaded:

    DD Dangerous Disguise
    DD's Atom Bomb
    DD Forbidden Valley
    US Treasure of Marco Polo
    US War of The Wendigo (not so old)
    MM in World War II (Italian and English)
    MM Nazi Spy
    MM Secret Mission
    and many DD Sundays by Taliaferro.

I'd appreciate any hints about URLs where I can
find and download more of those great old stories!

    -- Arthur.

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