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> Is there a FAQ for this list?  I should probably
> read it.

There isn't. We could need a volunteer to make one.
But we do have some websites, where lots of the questions you may have, have
been answered. For instance the "DCML" website (follow the links from the
URL mentioned in every e-mail or digest).

Now here are some short answers:

> did Carl Barks "invent" Uncle Scrooge?

Yes. In 1949.

> and if so, was he working for Disney or
> another company?

For Western, who produced comics under a Disney licence. So Scrooge is a
Disney character.

> I'm always surprised when I see
> Scrooge in Disney things for some reason.

Disney doesn't really know who Scrooge is. Lots of Disney employees think
he's a "Christmas character", or "a one-short character from a Christmas
short", or (at best) "the DuckTales character". Very few Disney people
actually read Disney comics.

> I guess I get a little irritated at Disney when
> they (in MY eyes) misuse Scrooge.

You're not the only one...

> Also, I never really liked the Ducktales cartoons
> (do they have those in other countries?)

Yes, DuckTales was broadcast on TV in my country (and several other European

The major achievement of the DuckTales TV series is that people who didn't
know Scrooge, learned about him, and started reading the *good* comic
stories (starring the "real" Scrooge).
And actually, a lot of the DuckTales episodes aren't that bad - if one keeps
in mind that the DuckTales world is different from the Scrooge-in-the-comics

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