Fethry Duck on Barks/Rosa universe?

Fernando Ventura fernandopventura at uol.com.br
Tue Apr 25 22:25:40 CEST 2000

The brazilian histories off Fethry that Arthur is putting on the Web make me
remenber that Fethry is not included on Rosa's Duck universe, appearing on
the Family Tree because off his editor wanted it. But I didn't now exactly
why. What is the reason? Because he is not created by Barks, or because he
can't be included on the "official" Duck history, so he is not a credible
character? I'm sorring iff I'm asking something stupid, but I only read Lo$
in English, and not all parts, only the 9 first parts, and this incredible
history is not published in Brazil yet.

Fernando Ventura!
"That finally has one Disney historie published! Thanks to Good!"

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