Komix #143

Kriton Kyrimis kyrimis at cti.gr
Fri Apr 28 21:48:16 CEST 2000

Here's what's in the May issue of Comics:

* A cover by William Van Horn. There will be some delay in making a scan
  available, as it is Greek Easter around here, and I won't be at work
  before Wednesday.
* A two+ page article titled "Return to the Land of the Pygmy Indians",
  subtitled "The Classic Barks Tale and Rosa's Ecological Fable".
* A one-page article titled "99 Carat Birthday", subtitled "Carl Barks
  is 99 years old"!
* Don Rosa's "War of the Wendigo". (This not an April--or May--fools'
* A one-page article titled "Uncle Scrooge and the Environment", subtitled
  "A Croesus respecting the flora".
* Carl Barks' "Fearsome Flowers" from WDC&S #214.
* A one+ page article titled "Donald's Garden", subtitled "A Strange
  Ecosystem in the Heart of Duckburg".
* A two+ page article titled "Toy Story 2", subtitled "A great movie for
  chidren that will grow up one day".
* "Money to Burn" (D92368) written by John Kane (sp?) and drawn by Vicar.

Don will be pleased to hear of the Easter present that the translator
of the story gave him: in the Greek translation, the Peeweegahs speak
in fifteen-syllable meter, i.e., the kind of meter used in Greek folk
songs. I once thought that this would be the way that the story should
be translated, but given the difficulty of the task, I never expected
that the Komix translator would actually do it!

Given the wordiness of the Greek language, it would have been too much
to expect to have each verse appear on a separate line. However, as I
had no trouble figuring out the folk song rhythm (Komix never mentions
anything about fifteen-syllable meter), and that the alternative would
have been to enlarge the balloons, destroying some of the art, I think
that in Komix's case this was the right thing to do.

A question to native English speakers: how distracting is the Peeweegah's
talking in rhythm? When reading the Greek translation, I found myself
reading the Peeweegahs' words by stressing the familiar rhythm, paying
more attention to how they were saying things rather than what they
were saying.
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