Old & new pools

Arthur Faria Jr. arthurfaria at projesom.com.br
Fri Oct 5 23:33:25 CEST 2001

Paolo wrote:

> The previous pool was about the most  hated Disney characters, and its
> result was quite surprising for me:


> It is also a strange result the one achieved by Chip and Dale.
> I have a particular hate for Li'l Bad Wolf, so I'm sorry he didn't received
> more votes...

Being a fan of Jack Bradbury artwork (until the 60s), I *have* 
to like very much those *old* stories he drawn with Chip & Dale, 
Wolves and Pigs, Hiawatha, Mickey and Goofy (I don't like
his Ducks though...). But I simply *hate* those absolutely
boring, unfunny and repetitive S-coded stories from the 80s
-- and many were unfortunately drawn by an almost unrecognizable
Bradbury :-(. If I'm not wrong, many (if not all) of those stories
were produced by James Diaz Studios, weren't they? The only exception
goes to "Mickey and the Sleuth" stories -- funny and clever.

     -- Arthur.

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