Magica de Spell - which witch?

Olaf Solstrand harryklein at
Tue Oct 9 14:38:28 CEST 2001


I have recieved some e-mails from Christoffer Vedberg from Sweden. He has 
visited my Duckburg page, and he wrote to me in an e-mail:

"I´ve checked out the site and everything looks very good. its only one I 
think is wrong. On Magica you have set her year of birth to 1800. But Magica 
is not real witch. She is a normal person who uses magic spells to perform 
magic. And in Barks and Rosa stories she never flies on a broom. she takes 
the airplane as a normal person. I think Magica is not older than Donald. 
She doesn´t seem to know anything about that century in a of ducks dimes and 
destinies she says somting like this "I should desguise myself. Maybe they 
burn witches in this century" She would have known for sure if she were born 

Magica's year of birth is not important for me, the year 1900 I just made up 
so that the field would not be empty. But about Magica not being a real 

I have always thought of Magica as a witch. But now - I'm confused.

What's your opinions on this matter, dear friends?


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