Magica de Spell - which witch?

Halsten Aastebol Halsten.Aastebol at
Tue Oct 9 16:27:03 CEST 2001

At 14:38 09.10.01 +0200, Olaf Solstrand wrote:
>  But about Magica not being a real witch?
>I have always thought of Magica as a witch. But now - I'm confused.
>What's your opinions on this matter, dear friends?

I think this can be explained from the difference between the two terms 
"witch" and "sorceress". Don Rosa has discussed about this some time ago on 
this list. According to Rosa and Barks, Magica is a sorceress, not a witch. 
I think the difference is that Magica always has to use some kind of 
chemicals to perform her spells. She is not able to perform black magic 
with her bare hands like a real witch (like say Madam Mim). If I understand 

This difference is not easily translated into for instance Norwegian, 
although witch = heks and sorceress = trollkvinne might be a possibility.


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