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Olaf Solstrand harryklein at
Sun Oct 28 18:40:04 CET 2001

>Vicar's "The Cartoonist" (D 97258) (scanned panel available at
>Vicar doesn't look like this. He has no pointy mustaches or huge
>glasses. He visited in Finland last summer, and as I  showed this
>story to him, he had difficulties to even remember the whole story.
>Why he didn't make "Victor" look like himself is quite odd..
>Indeed. Maybe he was called something else in the script Vicar
>used, and then renamed in the final version?

I've given lots of thoughts to this story since the first time I read it. In 
the Norwegian translation, Mr Victor's name was "Vikar". When I then learned 
that there actually IS a drawer named Vicar, and that he is one of the best 
drawers in the Disney World, I of course thought of this story as a... I 
don't remember the English word for "hyllest"... but a great "thank you" to 
Vicar. (and you DO know that Victor is the real name of Vicar?) Remember; 
Vicar did not write the script to this story, Gorm Transgaard did. And I 
guess this was his way of thanking Vicar for all the magnificent works he'd 

I must admit that I, when reading the story, thought that this was the way 
Vicar looked. Vicar himself obviously didn't want the figure to look like 
him, or maybe he never realized that this figure was himself?

Anyway, all thanks to Vicar for being what he's been and for doing what he's 


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