Disney artists appearing in their own stories

Petri Kanninen pkannine at cc.hut.fi
Mon Oct 29 22:09:57 CET 2001

Timo wrote:
> I also know one italian story where Walt Disney appears, but don't remember 
> it's name right now. I think there is dozens of occurrences like these.

I know it too! It's "Gambadilegno e il progetto mai visto" (I TL 1951-B)
where Pete goes back in time and tries to prevent Walt from inventing
Mickey. One weird story, if you ask me. Seems to me that the time-machine
can transport comic characters to real world also. Pete never stopped to
think that perhaps he would cease to exist if Mickey didn't. 

Another fun example of real/comic world interference stories is "Topolino
all'inseguimento dell'anacronismo multiuso" (I TL 1857-C) where Goofy
leaves an object when he and Mickey are in the past. In the end there is a
short period when Mickey and all other Disney characters are actually
Picasso characters. Wild! What a world it would be!


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