Quiz about Disney artists appearing in stories

Luca Boschi cnotw at zen.it
Mon Oct 29 20:18:16 CET 2001

Hi, again, Timo!
> In "L'Incredibile Avventura di Topolino" (I 1552) last but one page (39) you
> can see two guys in background (panels 5-6) who might be Cavazzano and the
> writer Angelo Palmas. Are they?

Yes. And Cavazzano's self portrait is drawn in some other stories by him, as
I report in Giorgio's works Chronology, in "Maestri Disney" (and I think is
written in the INDUCKS as well).

Some of you, INDUCKS guys, for who is interested in this matter, can check
to write something about the "Comic Art" special story I told you about,
some months ago, anche which included portraits of Ziche, Mirone, Perina,
Chendi and so on?



PS: A sort of caricature of poor myself, in dog-ratface dresses, is also
included in one of the earliest DUCKS stories by Silvia Ziche.
Can you check for a guy with jacket, big tie, black hair and furry eyebrows?

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