Italian Comic Restaurant

Shaun Craill scraill at
Tue Sep 4 00:07:19 CEST 2001

Someone asked about the Italian Comic Restaurant that featured in Don Rosa's
'Black Knight' story a few digests ago.  It is in Rapallo on the Genoese
coast.  It is called U'Giancu (the white one).  The guy that owns it is
Fausto, you'll recognise him because he will be most probably be wearing one
red shoe and one green shoe (nice touch in the Black Knight story too, good
to see the colourists got that one right!).  On the night we were there he
was also wearing a string of flashing Christmas tree lights.

Great food, great art, good memories.  U'Giancu is a cultural treasure.

Say "Gidday" to Fausto from me and my wife Moira.  We can also recommend a
hotel on the promenade in Rapallo called 'Rosa Bianca' or 'Bianca Rosa', I
can never remember which.  A pure coincidence our daughter is named Bianca?
Probably not!

Shaun Craill

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