Tim Rogers captaintube at
Thu Sep 6 15:46:21 CEST 2001

In reference to the bi-lingual web page ... I am glad you have done an 
English version. I am Australian, and cannot read Dutch. I am about to 
catalog my parents collection of Disney comics ... dating back to the 70's. 
They were chucked in a cardborad box for the last 10 years ... so I am 
dreading the condition.

I loved read them all as a kid, and only now understand why they were so 


>From: "Fluks, H.W." <H.W.Fluks at>

> > > I made a new wesite, about 50 years of Dutch "Donald Duck"
> > >
> > > The website is, like this invitation, bi-lingual.
> >
> > Isn't this redundant? I would assume that readers of the Dutch weekly
> > are able to read Dutch, thus not requiring an English version
> > of the site!
>I assume that it is interesting for non-Dutch people too. I'm writing the
>texts with in my mind that I would like to see similar things for foreign
>Disney comics myself.

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