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Thu Sep 6 21:27:23 CEST 2001

This week a new era starts! The danish weekly strated to use covers
which illustrate a story inside. 
The first one is just a gag about fishing, but Donald is fishing in a
Marco Rota-story inside. 
Next week Scrooge is playing golf against Glomgold, both on the cover
and in the Vicar-story inside. 

Usually the covers for the weekly and for many US and WDC-issues have
been gag-covers, and I for one don't like them as much as this other
kind of cover. 

Barks for instance made both kinds. For the late WDC and US-issue he
made many covers illustrating a story inside. 

My second favorite Don Rosa does this too, makes covers illustrating
stories, (even cover illustrating stories, meaning one cover for eg.
that Donald & Scrooge-book showing things from all stories inside). 
What I find special about Barks' and especially Don's covers, is that
they do illustrate the story inside, but you usually can't find the
exact same scene in the story - the cover is sort of putting together
the essence of the story, maybe catching your eye with a funny
situation (faithfull readers will nodd their heads here and think of
the Columbus-cover or the one for the new Money Bin vs. Beagle Boys

That was what I wanted to say - if possible, could any of you who are
artists tell me what to call these things, other than covers
illustrating a/the story inside the comic??

A. C. Sivebaek
acsive at

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