Disney comment and New comics?

Tim Rogers captaintube at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 10 18:47:39 CEST 2001

I recently became interested in Disney comics again when asked by our office 
communications manager who my favourite Disney character was. I started 
working for Disney here in the UK in January. I answered "Uncle Strooge" and 
she didn't know who that was.

I thought that was a very telling comment. Disney (IMHO) have forgotten 
their roots, and are trying too hard to made technically excellent animated 
films for kids that make money at the box office. And NOT using characters 
that have a history. I still see plenty of art work of Mickey & Donald 
around the building, but nothing new in the film or comic areas. Isn't that 
like Coca Cola selling Fanta, Lift, Water etc etc but not selling any Coke?

Someone might be able to correct me, but from what I gather, no-one is 
making Donald or Uncle Scrooge comics anymore. Gladstone being the last and 
ending in 1997?


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