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> The Greek word at the top spells S.T.C. phonetically
> (but instead of  an English "ci" it's a Greek/French "ce").
> So what's it mean? (Please)

The Greek word is pronounced "estise", with the stress on the first
syllable), which, as you point out, is phonetically very close to
S.T.C. (estisi). This is the third person, singular, simple past tense,
of a verb which means to assemble, erect, mount, plant, put up, raise,
set up, stand.

> > > * * * * * * *    SPOILER re Don Rosa's story  * * * * * * *

> > It's been some time since I last read this story, but wasn't it the
> > other way round?
> Hum...
> Well, X is something that is already known.
> Then comes the discovery of  T.
> And then they realize that T=X.
> Hence, "T turns out to be X".

They had been to Tralla La in Barks' story, and in Don's story they were
following a trail to Xanadu. When they reached Xanadu, they realized
that it was actually Tralla La. Thus, my claim that Xanadu turned out
to be Tralla La.

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