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Chuck Munson chuckm_1962 at
Wed Sep 12 21:12:37 CEST 2001

The enjoyment that this list usually brings me is
going to be muted for a while.

While the worst thing happening to me personally was
being evacuated from a meeting at the US Department of
State yesterday, the sheer magnitude is overwhelming.

By the way, the reports of bombs elsewhere were just
that (and hopefully will remain that way).  I ride
Metro here in DC every week day to get to work.  The
stations at the Pentagon (opposite side of the
building from the crash) and National Airport were
closed.  Also the station at Union Station was closed
for a while yesterday.

Interstate 395, the highway which passes by the
Pentagon on its way to the Beltway (the ring road
around DC and the inner suburbs) was closed for a
while, along with some other roads and bridges.

My wife's former employer works occasionally at the
Pentagon; we don't know about where she was yesterday.
 A co-worker of mine owned a shop with his wife just
across from the World Trade Center.  Many of their
former clients were on the upper floors of both
towers.  They have been able to contact only one of
them so far.

This is not the way to get the American public on your
side, which they just never seem to realize is the
real power of democracy. (Enough people make noise,
politicians eventually have to listen.)  I fear, like
the Japanese military did with Pearl Harbor, this was
a big miscalculation on the part of those who did it. 
I hope that things like this do not become a regular
part of any of our lives.

I will climb off my political soap box now and allow
this list to get back to its intended subject.  If
anyone wishes to ask me anything about the local stuff
here (that was most of it described above), please
email me privately.

My best to all list members.
Chuck Munson
Fairfax, Virginia

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