still looking

Arne Voigtmann arnevoigtmann at
Wed Sep 12 22:07:47 CEST 2001

You can find many MICKY-MAUS-Comics on (I have seen many
auctions with comics from 1994, when this story was published in MICKY
MAUS, there), most of the sellers send them through whole Europe (if the
buyer pays the postage).
If you still don't find them just mail me - I will surely find them in
our local comic shop for you.

Arne Voigtmann.

Michael Naiman schrieb:

> Hi All!
> I am still looking for all three issues of the German published
> MICKY MAUS comicbook that contains the story
> "Guardians of the Lost Library."
> I have the large album sized version..I need the individual comics.
> I will gladly pay the market value for these.
> Michael Naiman
> _______________________________________________

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