Halsten Aastebol Halsten.Aastebol at elkraft.ntnu.no
Thu Sep 13 09:11:30 CEST 2001

I want to join Gilles in expressing sympathy with the American people and 
my disgust over the evil deeds that have been done.


At 08:34 12.09.01 -0400, Goofy313g at aol.com wrote:
>Just to tell to the American DCMailians, especially American people from 
>NY Washington area, that France and Europe are with them.
>I know it is not the place to speak about that, but I couldn't do as if 
>nothing happened, as if so many hearts from all over the word had not been 
>shocked, as if so many lifes from innocent people, old and young, male and 
>female, even children and babies, hadn't been taken.
>I am affraid of a war, I am affraid of the increasure of racism that all 
>tis will involve.
>I dunno exactly if the responsibles are this man who looks like a 
>Mahradjah of the Howduyudustan, or other people, but that is horrible, and 
>I still can't think that they are human beings.
>Instead of following their God, they follow a Devil, and because of them, 
>muslims who have a true faith in a true God are punished in a lot of minds.
>They are ashamed because they are represented on TV by people who do 
>terrible disasters, or by people who are partying, who are happy of what 
>My thoughts go too to those people : We don't forget you, still keep your 
>Best wishes to those people, to the victims and their families, and to 
>God bless my friends and brothers from France, Europe, America, the World, 
>and DCML.
>We will stop this Devil, this Beast, whatever it can be.
>Peace and Love and Mickey Mouse, as Rich uses to say!

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