Lorraine Markoff markoff2 at cais.com
Thu Sep 13 22:20:59 CEST 2001

Please, all who wish to express anger, sadness and disgust about the
homicidal bullshit done by those fucking assholes on Tuesday, feel free to
do so. A holocaust like the one we've lived to see is far more important
than printed stories about some talking ducks and rhetorical questions
about the true name of the mythical ancient city of Xanadu.

I live in a Virginia suburb on the outskirts of Washington, D. C., and my
area experienced school and office closings and discontinuing of mail
service on that motherfucking day. Luckily, my dad works on the other side
of the city, but a lot of other peoples' apparently didn't, including,
possibly, some people I know. As many people have noted, the news footage
looked like scenes from "Independence Day" or "Mars Attacks!". Now, I'm a
big fan of those movies, as well as slasher flicks like the "Scream"
trilogy, but I know the difference between Hollywood and real life. I don't
think this could lead to WW3, as it's the free world against a random group
of terrorists from some third-world country and the whole free world, plus
we've got the Internet and the United Nations cementing most people
together, to all terrorists and other bomb-happy psychos out there, KEEP
THE FUCK OUT MY BACKYARD!!!!!! ("You maniacs! You blew it up! God damn you
all to hell!!!!")

But I recognize the purpose of this list, and hope to get back on-topic
soon. I recently acquired some vintage Gladstone and Disney issues which I
might like to discuss here. As for the Carl Barks obit mentioned by Gerry
Tank, all I know is that I received this message on the night Barks died:

In Memorium
March 27 1901
August 25, 2000

In other matters, some of you are waiting for replies dealing with comic
trades between me and those ones of you. My replies, delayed by a recent
week-long absence, will unfortuneately have to wait longer, for obvious

--Jonathan Markoff

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