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Sat Sep 15 23:19:41 CEST 2001

>As you made a connection between Revelation and ducks, this subject
>could become an interesting discussion about religion included
>- or, as you also point out, *excluded* - in duck stories.

On "The Donald Duck Universe Guide" (a very good site which is aviable on 
the DCML home page, I don't remember who wrote it) the Notre Duck Cathedral 
is presented to be located in Duckburg. I don't remember quite sure what the 
story said - I always thought the story was ment to be located in France, 
but when I concider the facts from the story it may must have been in 

Anyway, with a cathedral of this size Duckburg M*U*S*T have a lot of 
Christians - maybe it back in the Medieval was a popular pilgrim target, in 
the same way as Nidarosdomen in Trondheim?


About Jake:

OK, maybe Scrooge never saw through the disguise. But I don't really believe 
that he would be alive at this time. So, what about this:

Jake moved to the USA around 1900. After that, the family never heard 
anything from him. He probably died somewhere between 1910 and 1930, but 
since his new friends and family did not know his background and his family 
in Scotland, no McDuck's got to know about his death. So Scrooge THOUGHT 
that it may would be a chance that Jake would be alive at this stage (even 
though he had not seen him in 65 years) and welcomed Donald - as Jake. Even 
though Jake was dead. HAPPY?


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