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Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Wed Sep 19 14:57:02 CEST 2001

From: Kriton Kyrimis <kyrimis at cti.gr>
Subject: Re: Don's Panama story
>>>>Could you remind us of the original ending?

Uh... no, sorry. I mean, most people haven't read it. The last panel shows
the final outcome, but also contains the revelation of the secret item from
his "memory trunk" that $crooge is telling the story of and which was
revealed earlier on that same last page. I'd give away the surprise ending,
myself (rather than seeing an editor do it on the cover or in a
introductory text, like is usually the case!). But even when the French
used (I assumed...?) my first-draft ending, it should have made perfect
sense... just not in character with "my" version of what $crooge would do
in that situation.

No... wait -- yeah, I can tell you what happened -- I just don't need to
reveal what the item was, eh? Sure! Okay...
The original draft had $crooge sell the item for $10,000,000 to the
Smithsonian Institute, thereby changing what he'd been saying throughout
the story and what Donald had been teasing him about, that it represented
the worst deal he ever made in his early years. But I realized that "my"
$crooge would never do that, especially not in one of my "Lo$" stories
which are based on the souvenirs and trophies he keeps. He would keep the
item as a trophy of one of the BEST deals he ever made and a memory of a
high-adventure with his sisters and his friend T.R.  "My" $crooge values
achievements and the trophies/memories thereof far more than just having a
bit more $. So, the newspaper headlines were *supposed* to say :
The Duckburg Times
Claims (clip) Is Trophy of "One of My Sharpest Deals!"
Nephew Says "@#%&*! And you may quote me!"
Send me a private message if you recall what didn't make sense in what your
knowledge of French was telling you was happening. I'm curious.

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