DCML digest #675

Pekka Timonen pati at iki.fi
Fri Sep 21 07:50:08 CEST 2001

> My title was "A Matter of Some Gravity". By the way, that's a clever title
> (ahem) in English, but it's untranslatable. "Gravity" means both the force
> that holds us to the earth's mass, and the measure of how serious or
> "grave" something is. When you say something is "a matter of some
> it means it's a matter of some seriousness. That phrase had a double
> meaning as regards that story. Anyway...
All this time I had thought you had meant it the way physicists think of:
matter affects the surrounding space-time by bending it, and the
manifestation of this is gravitation. Oh, well.
Pekka Timonen (pati at iki.fi)

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