Re. 675 - Sharpie and Matter of Some Gravity

Anders Christian Sivebaek acsive at
Fri Sep 21 22:40:18 CEST 2001

> From: "Michael Schartau" <michael.schartau at>
> And why is the last page missing on the scan of the Frensch version?
> Censored by Don?

No, that was all a matter of mistakes. When we first put the story
online at Sigvald's pages Sigvald told about it about in on his
favorite newsgroup in norwegian, about comics. Don reads that group and
saw Sigvald's writing about  page 1 and 26 of the comic being online
(he didn't see that all the others inbetween were there too, because
the text there is in norwegian) - so he asked us to take it down so we
would't reveal the ending. 
When we had mailed a bit and assured that all 26 pages were there we
put it online again on the mentioned page and Sigvald's pages with
stories not published in Scandinavia. 
The link you mention, Michael would maybe be the french scans or
something - all 26 pages are online the other places. 

> In your story "D96001", I think the original title contains the words

> "gravity" and "matter", but I don't have the time to check, at page
12 panel 
> 1, we can see on a board in Duckburg's airport names of cities which
> flights are going to. IN the french version, those are Tombouctou,
> Povro, Costa Trouya, Louisville, and Mickeyville, the french for 
> ...Mouseton... Did you really do it, Unca'Keno, or is it just a
mistake by 
> the translators???

It starts to be quite funny to read about this story. There's no
reference to Mickeyville in the american version, but a reference to
the planes for Louisville (Don's hometown) always being late. 
In the swedish version the filgt numbers are actually member numbers of
certain members from the swedish donaldist club. The swedish translator
Stefan Diös was a founder of that club. - I find that extremely nice -
and that comic is one I just realise I would like to have. 


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