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Mark Wright nicodemuslegend at
Sat Dec 7 19:07:09 CET 2002

Jeff Conner wrote:
Mark Wright said:

"Alas, it does appear that the days of comic books on relatively
inexpensive, newsprint paper have passed."

Not true! Two comics were just introduced in the USA in the last month 
have lots of pages on cheap newsprint. Both have more than 200 pages 
issue for less than $5 US. I hope they both do well and this is the 
start of 
more affordable comics in the USA.
Shonen Jump
Raijin Comics

Jeff C

Time will tell, of course.  My point wasn't that such comics are never 
produced anymore, but that they don't seem to be successful any more.  
If that trend reverses, so much the better for comics fans.


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