Benny burro & Barney Bear by Barks lgiver at
Tue Dec 10 10:30:03 CET 2002

There's been lots of repetitive posts these past few days,
but I did learn something interesting in one of them.
Lunnan & Hjort referred to a published collection of
about 8 stories of Benny Burro and Barney Bear that
Carl Barks did during 1943 through 1947.  All I knew
about these characters before was Don Rosa put them,
along with Andy Panda, in Scrooge's zoo in his story
"Crocadile Collector".   I was familiar with Andy Panda,
along with Woody Woodpecker and Charlie Chicken,
in Walter Lantz comics,  so I was surprised to learn that
Carl Barks ever drew Andy Panda (Rosa's drawing
of him in Crocadile Collector isn't very similar to how
he looks in Walter Lantz comics; I don't know how
Barks drew him).
      Anyway, I was surprised once again to learn that
Barks drew Benny Burro and Barney Bear in 1943-47,
the same years he started doing Donald Duck.  I had
presumed he was working full time on the Donald Duck
long stories and the 10-page stories for Walt Disney
Comics, inventing characters like neighbor Jones,
Gladstone, and then Scrooge in late 1947.  So  Barks
had time to moon-light during those years and do these
Benny Burro & Barney Bear stories?

                   ---------Larry Giver

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