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Dan Shane danshane at
Tue Dec 17 12:54:14 CET 2002


>     These are just the opinions of one Disney fan, namely me.  I know
> next to nothing about the comic book industry so if I have made some
> huge mistakes in what is possible, preferable, etc., I apologize.  I am
> just very excited about the return of Disney comics in North America and
> wanted to share my opinions.  I think it would be great if other list
> members share their views also.  So hopefully we will soon have a lively
> discourse on the mailing list about this subject.


Well, I've already made my views known on the issue, but just to keep it
going I'll briefly repeat myself with a little R&R (rant and rave).  I am
thrilled that Disney comics are returning.  It has been a long 3+ years.
And I don't mind seeing prestige format books to supply the collectors as
long as that is not the only way to get the stories.  But I still find $5.00
too much to entice regular reading of comic books among mainstream buyers.
Is that what the Archie books cost?  Does the current economic market
encourage dropping 5 bucks every time a kid follows his mom through the
checkout stand?  I know as a parent of 4 living on a professional's income
that I was always very selective about my reading material and dollars spent
on same.  The old days of "48 pages of fun for a dime" are long gone, it's
true.  But I don't think "128 pages of fun for a finny" is going to
encourage me or my kids to invest in every issue.

Your neighborhood crank,


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