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Katie Sullivan vazali at
Sun Oct 5 20:51:56 CEST 2003

> From: "Stefan Persson" <reimersholme at>
> Please refer to one of your earlier mails from yesterday where
> you point to 
> a scan of it at Sigvald's site.

I responded to this in an e-mail to you yesterday, but as I
didn't get a reply I'll just repeat here... I have no idea what
you're talking about.  *After* I sent the message asking for the
scan, I sent a message saying "never mind, I found it here" with
a link.  You seem to think the messages were sent in the reverse
order or something.  I may be scatterbrained sometimes but I'm
not THAT clueless to forget an image from just the day before. 
o_0  Your reply really confused me.  Sorry to clutter the list
with this.

> From: "Matthew Williams" <kingofduckburg at>
>  I think I can speak for many American Disney Comics
> fans when I
> say that I am quite jealous of our European and international
> brethren!

Oh, me too!  I'm terribly jealous.  Aside from my father and a
couple of his friends, and perhaps the fellow who runs the local
comic book store, no one that I know even knows who Carl Barks
or Don Rosa are.  I was thrilled when my Asian literature
professor knew (and liked) Carl Barks!  It's terribly sad how
few people know these comics.

> At any rate, I've always gotten the impression that as
> twenty-six year old
> American, I was something of a minority among Disney comic
> fans and that
> most American fans were hooked by reading the original
> editions of Barks's
> works.

I definitely agree.  I'm 23, and I've only met ONE person of my
generation who knows who Barks, Rosa, Van Horn, et al are.  My
father and a couple of his friends got hooked as kids reading
Barks in the old days.  I became a fan because my dad read his
old comics to me.  But I'm lonely as the only fan my age in
these parts!  ;)

>  What I would like to ask (and I don't want to delve
> into anyone's
> personal space) is if there are very many of you out there who
> are American
> AND were hooked into the comics in the eighties or afterwards?

Well, I got hooked in around 1984, but I was only four then,
so...  ;)

> This is a little off-topic, but let me share it anyway!  I
> teach freshmen
> English courses at a state university and I often ask my
> students out of
> curiosity, "How many of you have heard who Carl Barks is?" 
> Usually about
> five folks raise their hands.  Then I explain that The
> Communist Manifesto
> was written by some other guy.  Sigh.

LOL!!!!  Oh dear, that's terrible.  But very amusing.  Besides,
Marx had far more hair, and his writing is not nearly as
entertaining.  ;)

> From: Larry Giver <lgiver at>
>        In this same story, Scrooge's secretary is called
> Quackfaster in
> Part 1, page 4, panel 6, while in Part 2, page 1, panel 2,
> Scrooge
> calls her "Ms. Typefast".  I think Gary Leach posted here that
> Gemstone planned to consistently use the name Ms. Quackfaster
> for
> Scrooge's secretary.  

I noticed that!  I prefer "Quackfaster" but I can live with
either, as long as it's consistent.

Katie Sullivan

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