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Steven Rowe writes: 

"...for some reason i feel Moby was created by Del Connell, anybody know for 

I doubt we'll ever know for sure, but the lead story (...probably all three 
stories) in DONALD DUCK #112 was surely written by Vic Lockman.  After a while, 
you can just SENSE a Vic Lockman story by its plot, pacing, and dialogue.  

Now, whether Lockman was given Moby (...and Porpy - and later Dimwitty) to 
work with by Del Connell or the Disney Studios is a different matter entirely.  
It might be fair to say, though, that WHATEVER personality or basic "schtick" 
Moby had was developed by Lockman in the various stories he did with Moby in 
both DONALD DUCK and Moby's own title.  So, Vic Lockman could be considered, to 
some extent, to be one of Moby's "creators".  

Oh, and before everyone jumps on me... I know "Super Goof" appeared in 
PHANTOM BLOT # 2 -- but in DONALD DUCK #102 is where he first functioned as an 
actual superhero (...rather than under self-delusion), albeit with an assist from 
Gyro instead of the (...soon to come) Super Goobers.  -- Joe Torcivia. 

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