Ludwig and Character Combinations

Daniel J. Neyer jerryblake2 at
Tue Oct 7 22:02:09 CEST 2003

I must say that I'd love to see Ludwig Von Drake return to comics. I
absolutely love the animated sequences that featured Ludwig on the Walt
Disney Presents show, thanks especially to Paul Frees' hilarious voice. I
think that Ludwig could indeed "work" in a Rosa story, and he would be a
real natural for Van Horn. 

The THREE CABALLEROS RIDES AGAIN proves that a Duck story doesn't have to
use the Scrooge/Donald/Nephews or Donald/Nephews group to be good. With
the return of Jose Carioca and Panchito Pistoles, maybe it's possible 
that characters like Ludwig and Launchpad could make a comeback as well?
Gottfredson's Mickey stories showed more variety in the supporting
cast--Goofy, Horace, Eega Beeva, and Gloomy, all with distinct
personalities of their own, served as Mickey's co-adventurers in
different stories, and it would be nice to see Donald, for instance, team
up for a solo adventure with Launchpad. 

Of course, it would be really great someday to see the dual universe
barrier torn down, and Mickey and Donald sharing adventures as they did
in the thirties, but that will probably never happen. Or can it? Is there
some rule against using Mice and Ducks in the same story? Ron Fernandez
and Pat Block's TOO LATE FOR CHRISTMAS featured Goofy together with
Donald and Gladstone, and there was an Egmont story, ON THE BALL, printed
back in Gladstone's second run that co-starred Don and Mick. The two
characters are excellent foils for each other, or so I've always thought.

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