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L. Schulte lschulte at sfstoledo.org
Wed Oct 8 13:28:03 CEST 2003

Rob Klein wrote:
>The lack of use of Ludwig Von Drake in Dutch comics in recent years has 
>to do with memories of what the Germans did in WWII.  If that were the 
>case, he
>wouldn't have appeared in all those Strobl drawn stories from the late Dells
>and Gold Key era and S stories from the 1960s.  They appeared in the 1960s 
>1970s. I doubt that there is a prohibition on printing stories with 
>Ludwig. As
>far as recent stories using him, I can't remember any. He's not an easy
>character to weave into a story where he is really needed. I haven't 
>any with him to Dutch Disney.  I did sell a one-page gag starring Ludwig to
>Egmont in 1993, but it was shelved.  My editor told me there was a 
>against using him.

Hi Rob!
Can you explain the contradiction highlighted above?
If  "anti-German bias" against Ludwig is not the answer, what is their 
rationale against him? Does someone at Egmont think he is not funny 
enough?  Is he too much of an intellectual character for kids?
Leo Schulte 
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