Of cons, scissors and scans

Katie Sullivan vazali at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 9 21:21:05 CEST 2003

Don Rosa wrote:
> But I still do color drawings for people I know...
> such as if Katie
> showed up -- I know she's a fer real true-blue fan and not an
> eBay lout.

Aww...  :-D  Thanks!  I may be on eBay but I'm no lout! ;) 
(Although these days my dad does more eBay-ing than I do.)

I've only been to one comic book convention so far, but it was
soooo much fun--even without a duck artist to meet.  It was also
expensive, but we won't discuss that.  ("Honestly, all those
comics, posters and book just jumped into my bag when I wasn't
looking!  Really!  I swear!)  ;D

Matthew Williams wrote:
>  Then I would
> take a pair of scissors and cut out all of the pictures of the
> characters.
> Many, many fine Disney comics met their doom that way.  I
> shudder to think
> of those poor lost comics!  I know that I chopped up an
> original printing of
> "The Golden Nugget Boat" for sure.  Dear me!

Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggg!!!  *thump*
The horror!  The horror!

Ari Seppi wrote: 
> Both of the Don-calendars are also scanned on Kai Saarto's
> Rosa site:
> http://www.perunamaa.net/donrosa/gallery_pictures.shtml

Ooh, neat!  Thanks for the link!

Katie Sullivan

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