Gemstone: About Trudy and others? ramapith at
Sat Oct 11 01:46:30 CEST 2003


> I wonder if we Americans will be soon seeing comics featuring other 
> well known characters from other countries such as [...]
> Super Donald/Paperinik

When DISNEY ADVENTURES featured this character several years ago, he was called the Duck Avenger. More recently, a Ubi Soft video game called him PK (as in Italian, though its English use was explained away by making it an acronym for a Latin name).

The DISNEY ADVENTURES version of the character was read by more than a million kids. The video game sold to many more. So there are two good names for the character in American English; two that many Gemstone readers will already recognize and that actually don't preclude each other ("PK, the Duck Avenger" doesn't sound bad at all).

In light of this, why are you calling him "Super Donald"?


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