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> That was something I was ALWAYS curious about because it seems so odd that 
> they "supposedly" exist in the same universe but never intertwine. Excuse me
> if this has already been answered, I'm just really now checking my inbox and
> found 20+ emails dedicated to the list, so I have catching up to do. ^^

I haven't seen them answered either, so if they have, excuse me as well.

> A) What was this story about and what was its name?

This is a series of nine stories, thus it has nine titles. I think the title of 
the entire series is "Mythos Island".

The story is about a foggy island somewhere in the ocean, where creatures from 
different myths and tales live (the series is still running, so I can't tell 
you WHY they live there). The island is not on any maps, and what's stranger 
is: When you leave the island, you forget everything about it (unless you have 
something to remember it by). Both Scrooge and Mickey got maps leading to this 
island and decided to check it out. Scrooge and the nephews ran into a lot of 
Greek myths, and Huey, Dewey and Louie brought a pegasus fole home. Mickey and 
Goofy found creatures from English myths, and helped them make peace with the 
Greek creatures. Mickey got a unicorn horn which he brought home with him, and 
thus he remembered the island as well. And now they're all back on the island 
to solve its mysteries - and, not least, figure out why the island is falling 
into pieces into the ocean.

> Sounds like it could be
> the grounds for a really cool crossover type thingy with the right writer 
> and artist...

Mythos Island is plotted by Per Hedman, scripted by Pat & Carol McGreal and 
drawn by Ferioli.

I must confess, though the McGreals are not my favorite writers neither of 
Ducks or Mice, I think they're really great on crossovers.

> A) Does the Mickey Mouse crew still live in Mouseton which was finally named
> during Disney's tenure? Of all the things they did do I was very rather glad
> that they gave Mickey's city a name cause it just kinda gave his universe 
> more of a sense of "independence and identity" from the Duck world so to 
> speak. Mickey's city remaned nameless for decades in America and it finally
> felt good to have the area defined from classic Gottfredson and Murry 
> locales. I just felt that putting Mickey in Duckburg just didnt feel right 
> at all to me. -__- I know David Gerstien was trying to promote this concept
> after Disney faded away, but has it stuck? I'd like to hope so.

In Scandinavian stories, Mickey Mouse lives in Duckburg. But in this series, I 
_think_ the city name hasn't been mentioned. Although, it shows Daisy and 
Minnie boarding a boat on the same harbour, and that Gyro Gearloose and Doc 
Static fear each other's competition.

Olaf the Blue

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