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Thu Oct 16 09:50:31 CEST 2003

US Sales- September 2003

193. Mickey Mouse&Friends 257  7,224
207. Uncle Scrooge 322  5,985
210. Donald Duck&Friends 308  5,821
212. Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 637  5,564

A Mickey Mouse comic book, the best selling Disney comic book. I don't think 
we've seen that in quite awhile. Nice sales as far as MMF is concerned, though 
not as big as I'd hoped, considering it's low price in comparison to the $7 
comics. The DDF figures are pretty disappointing. I would have thought they'd 
be similiar to MMF. As for US and WDC, I guess they've found their niche. I see 
them staying about the same in sales for the foreseeable future. 

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Derek Smith
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