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Hi, All!

About Grandma...

>> 13) Grandma Duck = W WDC 121-04 "GD adopts Gus and Jaq" 1950-10 ?
> Grandma Duck appeared in comic strips in the fourties. According to Sigvald's
> homepages, she appeared as a picture on a wall in 1940 and in person in 1943.
> According to Inducks: YD 43-09-27 "Grandma Duck gag" September 27, 1943
You can find a survey on Grandma, her first mention in a Disney comics page
(1934!), her picture on a Wall, Taliaferro's strips and her possible
(different) birthdays, in the article I wrote, under the title "Buon
Compleanno, Nonna Papera", published this very month in "Zio Paperone" #
169. You can also discover that she was born in October from the first story
of Jaq and Gus at the farm (reprinted here; yes, it is W WDC 121-04
1950-10); you can also find the very rare Bill Wright story introducing

Incidentally, there is also a picture Don Rosa shoot froma a young reader at
the last "Napoli Comicon Convention", in Italy, some monts ago, where this
fan explaines how he was able to skip the huge crowd of people asking for a
drawing from Don, to get one picture for himself!

>> 31) Sonny Seagull = D 96408 "Free Spirits" Nov. 7, 1997 ?
> According to the home pages of Norwegian Donald Duck & Co., very little is
> known about the creation of Sonny, but that he may have been created in Italy
> or France in the 1980's. Although, the story you mention is said to be his
> first story published in Scandinavia.

It's untrue... It was created at the Egmont's offices in the late '90es.

>> From: Wolfsong <wolfsong at>
>> Subject: Re: Does Goofy have a family name?
>> If  you look at some of the Goofy  cartoons where he's in a domestic
>> situation or where he has an office job, you'll find he's referred to as
>> George Geef. I like to think of this as  Goofy's
>> real name with "Goofy" being his stage name.
> That's the opposite of Disney's position. Disney thinks it's cute to pretend
> like their classic characters are actors who are playing roles in the
> animated cartoons they appear in, and that would seem evident since they are
> almost always (slightly or drastically) different characters in the old
> films, and clearly actors-in-roles in recent features like "Mickey's
> Christmas Carol" and "The Prince and the Pauper". And this is another reason
> why the comic book versions (the non-Disney versions) of these characters,
> where they are *true* characters in their own rights, are much more
> appealing and interesting to me.

True. Indeed, Goofy's family name, in Italian comics, is DE PIPPIS (PIPPO DE
PIPPIS); from an old US Sunday we could detect that his "original" family
name can be GOOBER (GOOFY GOOBER). His home address is 103 Ellum St. (from
Dick Moores' page published in Vacation Parade # 3, reprnted in Disney's
WDC&S # 577 - 1992).


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