Character Birthdays?

Lars Jensen lpj at
Wed Oct 22 17:17:23 CEST 2003

Rich Bellacera wrote:

> I know that traditionally Disney acknowledges Mickey's birthday as
> being the same date as the release of his first film [...]

OK, I'm grumpy right now. You have all been warned.

I don't really understand this discussion -- I fail to see why it would
be puzzling that fictional characters' birthdays are celebrated on the
same day they debuted in print or on screen. I suppose somebody could
decide that Mickey's birthday was, say, October 1st, but what would be
the point? October 1st doesn't mean anything to Mickey fans; November
18th does.

> [...] Donald's accepted Birthday.
> Some hold that it coincided with his film debut in "The Wise Little
> Hen"
> Hence: June 9, 1934
> But others say it is said to have fallen on Friday the 13 of April,
> May, June or October of 1944 or 1945 as derived from the film "The
> Three Caballeros"
> Then again, there is an explicit reference by Freddy Milton who said
> his Birthdate is: March 13, 1949
> Italian comics are split on either: September 16, 1934 or June 9,
> 1934.
> And Don Rosa has indicated it was sometime in 1920.
> Me, I'm totally confused!

It's a fictional character. Donald doesn't really have a birthday. As
I'm sure others have written, though, most of these dates make sense in
the context of various films and comics, be it content or time of
publishing (or first screening). Why is this confusing? Again: We're not
talking about a real-life person.

> MINNIE MOUSE:  She debuted the same time as Mickey, so, it might also
> be Nov. 18, 1928.  But, somehow, that doesn't seem fair as they are
> not twins.

I'm sure a lot of babies were born on the same day I was. That doesn't
necessarily mean any of them are my twins, though. Why can't Minnie's
birthday be the same as Mickey's?


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