Rosa RE: DCML Digest Issue 43 H.W.Fluks at
Fri Oct 24 13:17:06 CEST 2003

Don Rosa:

> you need to check your Dutch-English dictionary for the 
> definition of "seem". It
> means "to appear to be so based only on one's mind's eye; to apparently, but
> not actually, be so". Then I add that additional word of uncertainty,
> "like". And there you have it.
> Did you think "seems like" meant "obviously is"?

No, not obviously (that's a word that another DCML member would have used).
To me, "seem" has a hint that the user thinks that the stated is true.
I was puzzled about the fact that, "based on your mind's eye", the "make money" would be translatable in any language.


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