Money Bin (YOWZA hot stuff)

Arie Fachrisal cien2 at
Sun Oct 26 17:13:34 CET 2003

> I find this to be an absolutely amazing work, so... I just HAD to show it
> you.

> Best,
> Olaf the Blue

HOT DANG, way cool !!! If he ever gonna make more replicas of it and make it
available to the DCMLers at an affordable price, i definitely want one.

It should be featured in an article imho. It is a grand project and with a
grand result so i believe that most duck fans would love to see it.

Keep On Quacking,
Arie Fachrisal

PS Tell Mats that I pity him that for his hardwork, he will get paid only 30
cents per hour in form of the tiny coins in the bin by Scroogey :-P

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